Greenies and The End of the World

Another funny peculiar.  It’s time for a little light madness after all these jihadists and nazis, so let’s Go Green. 

The site no longer exists.  Can’t imagine why.

Same procedure as usual, pics then snark and/or textgrabs.  Anarchists untie!!


Another green anarchy outlet, this one in Europe. Interesting linklist, and magazine in pdf format. Publisher quarterly in the UK “by a collective”, but the site is CZ registered.


The State spent £10m jailing GA’s editors in an attempt to shut us up. We’re still here…


Civilisation is exploitation of mass society. Specialisation, division of labour creates hierarchies to maintain the complex web of production / consumption – techno-industrial mass society. Exploitation divides mass society and the individual on grounds of class, gender, ethnicity and sexual preference. Mass society can’t be reformed. It must be replaced. DISINTEGRATION IS BEAUTIFUL In small communities each person is respected as an autonomous individual. Self-determination replaces hierarchy and so the city ends. Mass can’t fight mass. The Left’s living proof.


All life derives from the land. Civilisation alienates us from the Earth using nationhood and property law. We must take back the land and living self-sufficiently, re-establishing our relationship with the Earth. Those of us most exploited by Civilisation live in the South, the Third World, the fruits of our labour exported to the rich North. We’ve nothing to lose fighting for self-governing, self-sufficient small communities. Both North and South we need to expand our culture of resistance to free ourselves from alienation from our Earth..


Build an alternative green and black economy and enjoy yourselves in the smashing of banks, multinationals, military bases, labs, exploiters, bigots and developers. Organise underground in networks of autonomous small groups.


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