Atlantis and other myths

Now, having stomped over the progressive world for a little bit, we’re going to look at nazis again.  This bunch is mainly Russia, Eurasia, Bulgaria and so on.  Russia is actually getting quite heavily infested with these guys. And you’ll find the “liferune” all over East Europe.

Anyway, a little data on the site,

Old comment first, then a lot of old screenshots.

Russian language, more overtly nazi oriented than many EU New Right sites. Thule imperium, Save Our Race, Nazi symbolism, Nazi links. Lots of content, links, articles, video, mm. ——————————————- President-Commander of THULE-SARMATIA: Anton Radoslavov Rachev, Dipl.-Ing. Postfach 9 BG-7006 Russe, Bulgaria Tel. 00359 899 540 170, 00359 899 513245 Vice-Presidents of THULE-SARMATIA: Oleg B. Gutsulyak, Ph.D. (Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine) Alexey Iljinov, M.A. (Voronezh, Russia) Leader of NorthSarmatian Sisterhood: Nathe Alexandersdottir (Moscow, Russia) Honorary members: ?????? ????? ?????? (D-r Pavel Tulaev), ??????/Ateney ?????? ???? ????? (D-r Pierre Krebs),Thule-Seminar

The links and addresses may well be dead by now, but the website is there.  And of course, the whole Thule fantasy is bread and butter to the nazi movement (literally so in the case of Ernst Zundel who was trying to sell tickets to Thule).









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