The Burrowers Beneath

Sounds like Lovecraft, doesn’t it?

But this is “The Sheik of Springdale”, who has been running his madrassa project for years.

He used to be a member of, but he eventually got to the point where even that incredibly antisemitic forum couldn’t stomach him anymore.  A picture and a couple of current screenshots, then an old note from 2002-ish.


AKA WindRiverShoshoni
AKA Ankaboot
AKA The Sheik of Springdale
AKA Dawud Ahmad Abdur-Rahman
AKA Dawud Ahmad al Amrika

Foundation to set up madrassas in the US
“The Children’s Forest”
Hosting and procurement of WWII nazi propaganda for neonazi use.

Arrested in 1998 on drug charges + multiple weapons charges,
Stevens County Superior Court Judge Larry Kristianson threw out
the case because the evidence had been obtained with an invalid
search warrant.

In 1998, appears to have shown great interest in disposal of nuclear
waste at a site in Springdale, see Springdale Town Council transcript of November 23 1998.  The project in question was Dawn Mining Company’s uranium reclamation.  Mr. Ahmad seemed positive to the effort, and very interested in how “rich” the reclamation material was.

Interesting quote in light of weapons charges:

11/09/02 09:52 AM
  Re: Pakistan in uproar as Musharraf blocks Islamist premier  [ To: themalcontent  |  Post 312790, reply to 312320 ] (Score: 2)
   I wonder what Pakistani gun laws are like.  Anyone know?

   Pakistani villagers manufacture serviceable copies of military weapons in firepits in their back yards that are the equal of similar copies being manufactured in American machine shops after hours.

   God gives us the right to defend ourselves with arms.  Gun laws?  We don’t need no steenkin’ gun lawz …




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