Nova! Light! Confusion!

Novalight, or “Children of the Light”, is a group of strange characters spread over at least three websites, one of them in New Zealand.  NZ may be the one country outside the Arab world on a par with Norway’s antisemitism, so of course this guy would set up shop there.

Anyway, the fellows name is Peter Joneleit, and he’s not exactly unique.  Rather, he’s very representative of the kind of antisemitism that is extremely acceptable in Europe, and for that matter far into both the US government and European ones.  His mental capacity may be severely retarded (or that of his followers).  Wormwood, for example, is supposed to impact the Earth in 2004, according to this demented Bible scholar.  Evidently his clock stopped  and he didn’t notice.  Kind of like a jewhating Harold Camping.

The three websites we have for him are here:

But you know the drill.  Screenshots.  Comments and/or textcaps.



Hysterical. Hysterically antisemitic site. Bush is controlled by zionists (satan). So is everybody else. There is some kind of religious / Jesus oriented theme here, but it is too garbled to make out with the sites background organgrinder music blasting in my ears. Might be christian identity or not. The site is not made clearer by being partly made up of rants about people who have banned this guy from their sites/forums.




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