The Islamic State of America

Some people have big dreams.  Tariq Hussein is one of them.

Kind of hard to say how much of a following this fellow has – the site is still there, and it seems to be updated from time to time.  On the other hand, it’s not well-kept.  Mostly, this contains the front, mission statement, and a News list.  The mission statement is slightly different from when we looked at the site early in 2010 – it’s slightly shorter and it lists Cordoba House as a victory symbol.

Site link

Original screenshot and then the mission statement from that time.

Islamic State of America Our goal is simple. Dominate the world for Allah.
Islamic State of America
1. What must be accomplished: Teach tolerance and acceptance to the children – Achieved 2. Create acceptance for a plurality of gods –Achieved
3. Gain sympathies and eventually acceptance in Hollywood -Achieved
4. Register 100,000 Muslim voters -Achieved
5. Get “acceptable” Islamic’s elected to congress and senate -Achieved
6. Win the war in Iraq at all costs -Close
7. Recognition for Islamic holidays -Achieved
8. Get Barack Hussein Obama elected as President -Achieved
9. Achieve application of shariah law –Close
10. Enact zakat– Close
11. Seat judges that will remove common law– Achieved
12. Prepare for militant take over if necessary– Unknown

Nothing will stop us from achieving our goal. Not only are we the one true religion, we are the fastest growing religion in the world, including in the United States. We must see the continued conversion of the United States to one state, an Islamic state. Once we have dominated the United States, we will dominate the rest of the world. Infidels will be dealt with as instructed in the Qu’ran.


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