Jihad Weaponeers

This is a new production from Al Ansar basically bragging of the Jihad’s inexhaustible supply of weaponry.  It’s fairly short, but it documents – very clearly – that whatever goes into Gaza (or other parts of dar-al-islam), is in large proportion consumed by the project of murder.

One part of the video shows Kassam production, a process that is hugely work-intensive, consumes large amounts of material resources, and for that matter, whatever technical competence is available.

Another shows that the brothers have the skill to replicate a range of weaponry, as long as it’s not too complicated.  Again, work-intensive and eating huge amounts of raw material.

It would be quite interesting to know exactly how much western money is funneled directly into the islamist war.  But of course, that’s not something the UN will tell you.


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