Holy! Holy!! Holy Cr**

This is another Norwegian international feather in the cap.  Apart from possibly the most annoying music in the Nazi scene, http://www.holywar.org is one of the largest repositories of nazist/antisemite imagery in the world.  There is one Iranian site that may be larger.  Of course, the site holds other stuff too, like video, islamist material, and loopy quasi-christian high-pressure steam.  All in all, it’s rather unique.

It’s quite important in the Nazi scene.  Many of the main neonazi outlets around the world draw heavily on it.

It was set up in 1998 by a character registering as Alfred Olsen from Sandvika, Oslo.   We have it crossreferenced as Nazi / Islamic.  In that respect, it’s rather like “Radio Islam”.

Pictures, and the site video.  Enjoy, or something.





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