The Finer Points of Jinniology

Sheik Gilani, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Of Al Fuqra.

This is the boss of a number of armed camps around the US and elsewhere, who recruits many, many black muslims from the US prison population.  These armed camps tend to be situated near to obvious targets, such as dams, military facilities and important infrastructure.  Some of them have been sporting airstrips.  One was running a U-haul franchise.  They’re in rural settings, and people have been threatened around them.  Some can swear they’ve encountered Bigfoot – and been stalked by something they didn’t quite get a clear view of.

Anyway, it seems this product was meant to be more extensive.  Maybe he’d sold enough, maybe he just had pressing reasons to bugger off to Pakistan.  But he can teach you a thing or two about Jinns.  Or maybe that is Thetans.  You never know what’s in people’s heads nowadays.

Oh.  Film.  He must have a personal Beard Groomer.  This icon of taste clearly belongs in the White House.  With BO and MO.


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