Indoor Thermonuclear War

No, it’s not Congress.  It’s just Troofers, although some of them may be in Congress too.  Forget about Arabs, muslims, planes or anything else being involved in 9/11.  It was hydrogen bombs and the Stealth Jews.  Maybe even the Space Jews.



Oh, and the boy has been threatened too, for blowing the secret.  Of course.

From a covert Jewish organization : 
“I’m impressed. I never thought that a lesser being (non-Jew) could ever discover our secret plans. But, of course, you have. Your brilliance is that of exceeding greatness.” “
I was truly shocked when you discovered the identities of some of our major operatives and especially when you discovered our plans for the creation of the Empire of Greater Israel. You have done well. ” “If it weren’t for your skills of deception, we would have killed you long ago. ”  “We will find you one day Richard Koshimizu, and on that day we will kill you.”
“Many of our authorities have pinpointed your website publication as being a dangerous source of public information concerning our top secret activities. You’re remarkable skills of perception beyond that of those around you has surprised us.”

“action will be taken against you if you do not take down all information regarding high political figures and other Stealth Jewishs.”
 “As our last offer, we ask that you remove your site off the internet and a vow of silence for the remainder of your lifetime. We are monitoring your every move. Do not think that your propaganda will go without punishment.”

Richard may be Koshimizu, but not kosher.  There seems to be thermonuclear fireworks in his head.

So, is this a joke?  Probably not.  We’ve seen the Jewish hidden micro hydrogen bomb thing before, most notably in connection with the Bali bombing (we’ll get around to that one too, it’s hilarious).

Anyway, the site is here:




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