Move Over, Captain Euro!

There’s a new/old Captain on the block, Captain Planet.  This guy is a blue McGyver.  And he has green hair.  It may be grass.

Of course, his job is the same as Captain Euro’s – to catch children and wind up their little political rubber bands.

The site holds games, and music for the tots, as well as endless reams of philosophy from the philanthopist chairperson.  There’s also pictures of Captain Planet in a not very flattering bodysuit and a rubber head.  It looks like a fever dream.  Who dreams of half-fat Blue McGyvers?  Same guys who dream of electric sheep?

Anyhow, the Captain Planet Foundation is run by the daughter of Ted Turner who’s not exactly a beginner in the environMental department himself.

Go poke around.  Here’s a couple of links:

The last one is hilarious.  Screenshots:






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