Gaming the Jihad (some more)

This is really about the same company we mentioned before, which is mainly producing violent jihadist games.  Apart from the blood-soaked kill-the-infidel stuff, they’re also producing propaganda animations.

The name of the company is Afkar Media, and they have their main site here:

Many of the links on this site do not work, and it might seem that there’s something else than just incompetent webdesign here.  They might not be interested in showing the actual material to western media.  Anyway, we have their agitprop and we’ll step through it in a bit.  For now, we’ll just have a look at their Intifada game.



So, not very complicated at all.  The bizarre islamic twist comes when you read the actual text included in the first screenshot:

UnderSiege is a video game about the modern history of Palestine, it focuses on the lives of a Palestinian family between 1999-2002 during the second Intifada. All levels are based on true stories and the characters are a pure reflection of the Palestinian society.This game is suitable for 13+years age players, it contains graphical violence and shooting at military personal models, it does not includes shooting at civilians or abusing them, it does not include suicide bombing or any terrorist simulation, level contents are inspired by real stories of Palestinian people, that were documented by United Nation records (1978-2004), west bank and Gaza strip are occupied land according to UN law, and military actions performed by local fighters against occupying forces is considered eligible.

UN-approved terrorist propaganda?  How novel.


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