Party Like It’s 1939

Oh yeah!  Well.  The North American White Nationalist Party may be deadly serious but sillyness has a way of creeping in.  Another club designed by a wannabe Nazi regime-in-waiting.  Setting up the Party rules may have sprained the founders brain; he never seems to have posted another day.




There are 5 divisions in the Party for now.
Monday, June 6, 2011Division Description
There are 5 divisions in the Party for now.
Staff Division – All members of the Staff work directly under the Commander. They are the officers of this Party that make sure everything runs properly. They help organize and plan events. The staff is the core backbone of this Party.
Security Division – These men and possibly women have the most important job of any white folk. They keep us safe. During any events and on any land that we own they will make sure everyone stays unharmed.
Skinhead Division – Our skins, the workers and soldiers of this Party. They will be strong, smart and ready white folk. They will keep the skinhead tradition alive and thriving.
Propaganda Division – Our media, the ones who work on the website, newsletter, recruiting posters and anything that has to do with our public affairs.
Youth Division – The future, our future. The future depends on people like us and needs racially aware folk. This division is used to teach and train our young in the proper way.
We are thinking about creating 2 more divisions in this Party: (Please give input on these)
Klan Division – Keeping the old American tradition of the Ku Klux Klan alive. The goal of this division is to unite the Klan across America once again.
Woman Division – Even though women are allowed in every area of this Party there might be some out there who don’t see a place for them. This is NOT to discriminate against women. This is for those who wish to be in the Party but not on the front lines. There are many things we need in this organization and women are the key to the future!
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North American White Nationalist Party Application
Date Applying:
Date Of Birth:
 Marital Status:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
 Phone number: (Please put let us know if it is house or cell. Texting or calling only.)
National Origin(s):
Have you ever been in the military: (If yes, what branch and what was your job?)
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? (If yes please state what.)
Do you work for the United States Government: (If you are a federal agent who intends to do our Party harm do not even think about doing so. We are free from corruption and evil.)
Reason for joining the North American White Nationalist Party:
Branch of the Party you would like to join: (Staff, Security, Skinhead, Propaganda, Youth)

By filling out this application I,                                                                                               promise to obey the rules and orders given by my superiors and I will only do what is best for the Party. I will only do what is best for my people and my comrades. I will fight for victory on and off the battlefield.


***Donations are greatly appreciated but not mandatory. All donations and money earned by the NAWNP will go towards our cause.
Signature: ___________________________________________________________________________________
(This is for you to sign in person at the first meeting you attend)
Please email application to:
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Uniform Descriptions

Staff, Security, Propaganda Dress Uniform:
Black uniform coat, gray shirt, black pants, black boots/shoes, black belt and black tie.
Skinhead Uniform:
 Probate Skins: Black flight jacket, White T-shirt, black pants, black boots, black belt, no braces, white shoelaces.
Enlisted Skins: Black flight jacket, White T-shirt, black pants, black boots, black belt, black braces, black shoelaces.
Officer Skins: Black flight jacket, White T-shirt, black pants, black boots, black belt, red braces, red shoelaces.
Youth Uniform: Undecided (No Division Commander)
Party BDU Uniform:
Woodland Camouflage BDUs, black boots, black belt.

On every uniform:
Celtic Cross Party armband on left arm.
Party rank on lapels. (Left lapel is your rank, right lapel is eagle patch)
Division patch on right arm.


North American White Nationalist Party
Rules of Conduct
1. Always think of the Party as a whole before taking any action.
2. Always respect the laws put in place by your local law enforcement.
3. Always obey orders from your superiors or be subjected to expulsion from the Party.
4. If something goes wrong within the Party and you are unsure what to do, bring the problem to the staff and we will get it straightened out.
5. Never take sides with the enemy for any reason, such signs of weakness will be viewed as treason toward the Party and will be followed by extreme punishment and/or expulsion from the Party.
6. If we’re having a function and we are attacked, act only in defense and get the person(s) out of the area. Do not attack and get arrested. Stay peaceful until attacked.
7. Always respect the women and children in the Party, as they are the future of our race.
8. Even if they’re not members of the Party each member’s family will be treated as such and will be protected by the Party as such. They are of the White race and will not be treated any different than the members of the Party.
9. Any use of drugs will NOT be tolerated in this Party; as the use of drugs destroys both the body and mind.
10. All members of the Party that, for any reason, stop or refuse to contribute to the Party at any time will be expelled from the Party without warning.  If you make a promise, keep it. If you are asked to do a simple task, do it. If you want to make a difference for your people, stay active.
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I must say, boys, this is most impressively metro.  “These men and possibly women”.


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