When the Jinns are Wild

This is magic.  Literally.  It is Dr. Jamil of the International Quranic Open University offering to cure you of any jinn-possession you might find problematic.  If you see the evil manifestation of Rupert Murdoch, Jamil (with his trusty stethoscope) or his boss, Sheik Gilani, will clean out your attic right away.

Oh well. 

Obviously, this is not any of the interesting videos mentioned in the site rants.  This is a guy with a stethoscope.  Site rant (we’ve cut it somewhat short) and put a snaptime comment on top.

Hosting company in Utah, no ref to the real owner. This one of the sites assosiacted with al fuqra – Islamberg et al. A great deal of hysterics is vented on the site. As well as guttural antisemitism and gloating over their allies inside the FBI.

Imam El Sheikh Gilani Sets the Record Straight
For almost three decades El Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, El Hashmi, Vice Chancellor of the Int’l Quranic Open University (IQOU), Imam of Muslims of the Americas Inc. (MOA) and founder and Chief Editor of the Islamic Post, along with his followers, has withstood a vicious attack unparalleled in American history. The global elitist Illuminati have conspired to destroy America by bringing about a clash of civilizations, Islam versus Christianity. Their calculated goal is to turn all of America against Al Islam and the good practicing Muslim citizens of this country. Assaults were first launched against El Sheikh Gilani when he vowed to reveal who the forces were behind the establishment of a one world government, the New World Order, and the attacks against Al Islam. Agreeing with former Congressman Paul Findley, El Sheikh Gilani drew attention to the overwhelming influence that the Zionist lobby in Washington D.C. had over politicians, and in the determination of America’s domestic and foreign policy. The efforts of El Sheikh Gilani have resulted in the rapid growth of Al Islam in America and the reformation of thousands, who have become valuable contributors to American society. Their increased political clout and visibility have posed a true threat to the stranglehold that the Zionists have held on American taxpayers’ dollars. The advocates of world dominance had no recourse other than to rid themselves of their main nemesis, El Sheikh Gilani, before Muslim/Christian dialogue and unity substantially undermined their scheme for world supremacy. Hence, the harbingers of hatred have perpetrated a full scale attack on the character of El Sheikh Gilani and his followers, portraying them as criminals, terrorists, and a threat to American society. The Zionist controlled mass media’s carefully designed internet blogs, Hollywood’s misinterpretations, and the silence of law enforcement agencies have all played pivotal roles in intentionally distorting the truth. A blatant example of their cunning is the Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl’s fiasco. The stress of falsely linking Pearl’s disappearance and questionable death to El Sheikh Gilani contributed to the death of El Sheikh Gilani’s ailing and elderly father who was one of the founding fathers of Pakistan. The truth of the matter is best expressed by Kathy Diskin, FBI Special Agent, Karachi Bureau: “I had the opportunity to sit in on an interview with Sheikh Gilani and our feeling was, within 15 minutes, that Sheikh Gilani is not involved in this”. Despite the truth being available, the media continues to malign El Sheikh Gilani by leading a naïve public into believing he had a role in the plot. Pearl’s “widow” wrote a book and produced a movie falsely implicating El Sheikh Gilani while knowing of his innocence. Within the circles of those who have followed the developments in this case, it is a common consensus that Daniel Pearl is not dead. Special appreciation is extended by the Vice Chancellor to the Hon. President of Pakistan, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, who was one of the very few who was courageous enough to dare and speak out and draw attention to the inconsistencies and untruths in this case, and to defend the noble family. May the One Almighty Creator reward him for his efforts and suffice him in his struggles against the ongoing hate campaign perpetrated by the Illuminati.

Special Video Presentation The Mightiest Lie Ever Sold His Eminence Al Imam Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Gilani address the unfounded accusations of complicity in the Daniel Pearl kidnapping. View part 1 in the series, run time approximately 26 minutes. The complete video an Islamic Cable Network Production will be available soon Insha Allah from Zavia Books US. The Mightiest Lie Ever Sold

OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdock’s War on Journalism Outfoxed, although very well researched and documented had not received the “media attention” due it. This documentary draws attention to the techniques and tactics Fox News uses to push an ultra-right wing agenda. Several examples are given as to how Rupert Murdock and his lieutenants manipulate the naive viewers into supporting a corrupt Republican regime. This documentary is unusual as it offer testimonies from former associates of the Fox News Network as well as memos sent out on a daily basis. These memos contained the “marching orders” or neo-conservative “talking points, Fox News reporters and anchors are expected to follow. Fox New reports should not be viewed as a fair and balanced unbiased reporting of the news as to happens. Its agenda is to file reports that fit their agenda and than to spin those reports to manipulate and influence popular opinion in line with the neo-conservative agenda. Anyone having doubts about the yellow journalism of Fox News will walk away a changed man/woman after viewing these clips. OUTFOXED:Rupert Murdock’s War on Journalism


One response to “When the Jinns are Wild

  • exposinggilani@gmail.com

    Hey my man,
    I was actually part of this group in the 90’s, I know or knew Jemille back then, He was a very smart man, I dont know what happened, He wasnt very interested in Gilani or anything else than booty and good grades. I am sure he gets more now that he has an awesome Dr’s coat. None of their sites are kept up to date, and heres why. Jamal Abdul-wadud from s.c was the man to do this, the underbosses or “khalifas” run the american side of things, they throw people out of their own homes, you also must sign the deed to your home over to them, you better be good or else you will be thrown off their villages without warning, and you better pray you have friends. You will be homeless, exposinggilani@gmail.com is my email, I will help u in any way I can…

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