Europe, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

At least not Dionysian Action Painting.  But that seems to be the strong point of IMPERIUM EUROPA.  And the Dionysian Action Painter is also a qualified banker.  Yay! Yay and WoW!!

We’ll just drop a few old pics in here and then follow with the site ramblings. They foretell interesting times in 2012.  Go figure.


I don’t know, but Mr. Lowell’s train of thought reminds me of Satan’s in the movie “Time Bandits”.  I guess reality is at least as strange as fiction.  Anyway, the address in the comment below is probably outdated, but happy happy joy joy, the site still exists.  So everyone can, in theory, contact the artist for some Dionysian Action Paintings.

Born in Malta, the Sacred Island of Melita, Norman Lowell considers himself a European in every sense of the word. The author is a qualified banker. A martial arts expert, he is the founder of Ch’uan Shu in Malta. Norman Lowell is a dedicated artist in his own abstract style ; Dionysian Action Painting. Norman Lowell is the originator and leader of the Politico/Cultural Movement: IMPERIUM EUROPA – established in the year 2000. If you wish to contact Norman Lowell write to: IMPERIUM, P.O. Box 165, Valletta, Malta, Europa or email on

The IDEA! My vision of an IMPERIUM EUROPA was launched in an article, entitled “Our Age”, published in The Times of Malta in 1981. Here was the inception of the IDEA of Imperium. Since then this IDEA was perfected, amplified to its present maturity: an IMPERIUM EUROPA on a planetary basis, uniting the Europids, wherever they may be. Our aim is that Malta, this Sacred Island of Melita, this land of honey, will be the first liberated nation in the whole, White World – liberated from the enemy within and the enemy without. Malta, at the southernmost tip of Europe, could ignite a flame that would set Europe ablaze. An IDEA, like a seed could spring to life anywhere. An IDEA whose time has come, is unstoppable! The IDEA of IMPERIUM EUROPA is gaining increasing attention at the highest cultural and political levels. Geo-political think tanks, give it increasing importance. Gradually this IDEA will permeate downwards and, in a couple of years, reach the market place in Brussels! An Imperium based on that of the Holy Roman Empire, with a central authority, embodying both the Political and the Spiritual. A centre, to which all the White World will refer and relate to. A hub, whereby all parts of the Empire would feel organically whole, while retaining the specific peculiarity of each region. Retaining initiative, diversity, interaction, castes, classes, character, personality, hierarchy: all converging to a superior IDEA. – A common language will bind us all; Latin. And this, is precisely what we wish to accomplish. An Imperium led by ‘The Elite’. An Elite beyond parliaments, parties, politicians, prostitutes and pernicious, political priests. A new Aristocracy of the Spirit – an Aristocracy based on meritocracy. An Elite of a quarter of a million, spread over the Imperium, High Culture Bearers: An Order of Men as were the Templars and Teutonic Knights. They would be the guardians of the Imperium. Their sole concern would be Spirituality, Race and High Politics. This Elite will forge a new Science of the Spirit. – We, the Elite, with our IDEA of IMPERIUM EUROPA. This is our dream, our goal: that this IDEA of IMPERIUM EUROPA born in Malta, would capture the imagination of all Europids and bring that unity, which is imperative for the survival of this minority of biological aristocrats. We of IMPERIUM EUROPA could be this vehicle for such a plan of action. Within this vehicle, this form, let the debate rage on. Within the vessel of IMPERIUM EUROPA all IDEAS will be discussed, analyzed till a Pan-Aryan, political philosophy, A UNIFYING IDEA is adopted – One that can assure us world victory. Our target date to be 2012: Anno Zero! Only A UNIFYING IDEA can remedy this waste. An IDEA strong enough, a magnet so powerful as to draw together, to a convergence, all the forces of the Right. At the same time each group, sub-race, retaining its identity: ethnic and cultural. This IDEA can only be an IMPERIUM EUROPA. An Imperium on a planetery basis, uniting all Europids, everywhere. An Imperium not of bankers and bureaucrats, but of High Planetary Politics and Peoples, with a central authority, embodying both the Political and the Spiritual. A center, to which all Europids will refer and relate. A hub, whereby all parts of the Empire would feel organically whole, while retaining the specific peculiarity of each region. Retaining initiative, diversity, interaction, castes, classes, character, personality, hierarchy; all converging to a superior IDEA. An Imperium for Europids only – and none else! – An Empire with ever expanding borders, within which the travesty of democracy will have no place. For an Imperium is by its very nature, expanding or dying. It is fuelled by an ambition for power, through an iron will of The Elite. A power over oneself and adversaries and adversities. The only solution for the old continent is the triumph of the Imperium IDEA. That is why we, of the Radical-Racialist-Right-Revolutionary-Reactionaries have to act now! That is why we have to wrest power in Brussels and create a NOVA EUROPA, a cocoon, precursor of the IDEA of IMPERIUM EUROPA. A grouping of patriots from every single EU member country. Only such a strong, solid, political block, imbued with a Spiritual IDEA could draw and keep together within the White fold the four cousin sub-races: The Anglo Saxons, the Teutons, the Slavs and the Latins. A Europid bond, forged through Spirituality closely followed by Race, nurtured through High Culture, protected by High Politics, enforced by the The Elite. Only the Imperium could save the White Race in the coming, planetary struggle. 2012 Anno Zero!


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