Bye,Bye, Cruel World

No, I’m not going to treat you to that “I like to watch” movie from Church of Euthanasia. But this is sort of related.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement is the logical terminus of the NWO thinking, and it has been around for a while.  It is darkly mirrored by Obama creatures like Cass Sunstein, although he would probably like to leave human government property functioning.  After all, who would maintain the golf courses if there was nobody around?

Like so much else obnoxious, this stuff has had its forerunner in Norway, Peter Wessel Zappfe.  Look him up.  He could have been an Obama czar.

First a few shots:



Global suicide as philosophy.  Lovely.  And we have a film snagged from this place.  Enjoy.  Or something.



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