It’s often apparent that one of the most pervasive features of islam is a sort of obsessive mimicry. Islamists will seek to mimic whatever they perceive to be enemies.  No doubt most of you have seen school playground bullies who will repeat their victims lines back at them, as a form of provocation and intimidation – every single move these guys do is about conflict.

So, here’s a typical example.


Israel21C has been around for many years, it’s focussed on innovation (Isreali innovation), and it features items that typically go on to become Nobel Prize material.  Islam21C is quite newish, and it features the typical Islamist obsession with non-integration, victimhood, conspiracies and general neanderthalness.

Fraud in advertizing. They should change the sitename to Islam7C. It’s likely to stay there for a century or two.


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