Aryan Funnies

Well, not exactly.  Aryan Nations, August Kreis III and the Church of Jesus Christ Christian.  The AN is regarded as the first terrorist organization in the US with a national scope.  Which is like a bad, bad joke when you look at the group’s invitation flier for their World Congress 2001.  “Transpiration may be available”:

Oh well.  By 2005, Kreis had snuggled up to islamic radicals and given a descendant of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the run of his site. We’ll detail that gentleman later, although he has removed his site from the web.

Anyway, it didn’t take so long for Kreis and his Arab friends to have a falling -out.  It appears Kreis maybe hoped for Arab money, but the islamics hoped for Aryan actions for the cause.  Which wasn’t exactly ol’ Kreis’s idea.

Screenshots of the Aryan Nations forum from that turbulent period in 2005 when all the antisemites were smelling victory as Sharon (pushed by Olmert and his own sons) evacuated Gaza.



“Heilig Krieger” and Aryan Jihad.  And the spawn of the mufti, in the forum using the handle “almahdi”.

Not really funny haha, but at least funny peculiar.


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