Troofers, Poofers

This might be particularly appropriate at this point, what with Nicolas Sarkozy’s bizarre outburst for an open microphone at the G20. The reason it’s so appropriate, of course, is that the troofer movement started on a French website. It took off flying  just hours after the 9/11 attack on New York.

It’s a very interesting phenomena, in and of itself. It has had massive financial backing, both from the west and from the Arab world. It has had massive political support globally. It even has prominent members of the American Communist administration/Nomenklatura, like Van Jones.

So, anyway, immediately after 9/11 the Arabs AND the Left were in a perfect lather running their little “false-flag” theory. That the attacks were really done by the Jews (never mind that the islamists could hardly contain themselves with bragging), that the planes were controlled by Jewish remote control, that what hit the Pentagon was no plane but a huge and secret missile, that the buildings were really blown up by pre-placed bombs and so on and so forth. Ad infinitum. There’s a lot of these sites, run by outcasts and the establishment alike, and we’ll look at a lot of them, eventually.

There’s one interesting point about these people which hasn’t got much attention, if any.  Their obsession with “false-flag” operations has reached such a fever pitch that we expect them to actually start attempting “false-flags” themselves.  In fact, they may already have done so.

On with the snapshot.


The site is still up, and is cunningly claiming that it doesn’t concern itself with “conspiracy theories”. The virulence, antisemitism and sheer spit-spraying lunacy is difficult to hide, though.


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