The Space Jews

They’re coming to take me away, haha. Maybe that’s Obama’s newest fear.

Anyway, this is in the nature of light entertainment.  I think.  Not mine, I don’t know where it’s from. It may be from a funny guy on the Internet, then again it may be the product of a scientist in Iran, Obama, or Valerie Jarrett. Who knows?

Some of the links in this little gem may not work. Space Jews may not actually exist.

I first saw it posted on, as an email circulating on the net. Here it is:

11/7/01 6:03:02 PM
International Council of Aeorphysical ResearchBEJING, CHINA — SPACE JEWS PROMOTE ZIONIST THREAT
by the International Council of Aeorphysical Research
( article was first printed in the Tehran Times on October 25, 2001.BEJING, CHINA: China’s space agency on October 24 reported beta frequencies of high levels coming from Venus and another star constellation called Omega 9. These encrypted frequencies, which intelligence officials routinely call beta frequencies, were recently decrypted by an international council of scientists. The results showed a continual six minute stream of Zionist propaganda and pro-Jewish statements and proove the existence of inter stellar Zionist threats and the existence of space Jews.

In ancient Sumeria, the Ma’Idad tablets revealed a surprising clue to this new world threat: “The bani Israil shall come from the stars above where they have lived since eternity, hunting above you, in crafts made of iron, to teach you evil and of Shaiytan. Verily, the wise know that the aliens to come are from them” (al kitab al ma’Idad 22.3). The concept that there existed a race of space-Jews that were Zionist threats to the world is nothing new. The world famous philospopher Waqhid al Humra in the year 1236 wrote, ” The Zionist threat from the heavens in the form of alien Jews is part of the wisdom of the tablets, and this threat shall come forth to the world 875 years from this”.

Read the full text of al Humara here: Read translations of the Al Maidad tablets here:

It was not until October 24 that the world got its first evidence of the intelletar zionist jewish threat. Alein life has existed for centuries in many forms, but the existence of space Jews has only been documented by a few scientists. In 1945, during the end of World War II when the Zionist enemies had used extensive propaganda to create holohoax, the astronomer Zamir Rachman, a prominent astro physist, reported that beta waves from space Jews were being used to spread Zionist propaganda to the masses through a space aged technology that the CIA would soon claim as its own, molecular-neutrino hybridization (called MNH). See and

The process of MNH involves the beaming of beta frequencies into the temporal lobes of oppressed individuals thorugh psychological warefare to create a mind control enviornment. In theory, the beta frequencies broadcast from space Zionists and space Jews can be used for mind control purposes. Could these purposes be used to control the minds of say, Muhammad Atta and his friends? “It is highly possible that beta frequencies were used to mind control Muhammad Atta and other oppressed people” says Dr. Daud Zamash of the Aeorspace Research Council of Iran, an internationaly known and respected researcher (

The history of space Jews, which researchers call, “extra-terrestrial beta contanoids” (ETBC) has been known to most of the scientific world for many years. The CIA has been working with ETBC’s since the early 1930’s ( and using the beta frequencies to promote Zionist concepts to many people. The Jewish lobby and world Jewish congress, working together with the CIA and Mousad have housed many of these ETBC’s, some of which have been used on a hybrid plan for combining ETBC’s with human life.

Dr. Omar Wazim, an Iranian Chemist has postulated that the threat of ETBC’s is now both “realistic and frightening” ( On September 11, 1999, a total of 4500 citizens from Tehran were mysteriously abducted and not seen again. This was reported in the Tehran Times by Abduallah Asad, who stated that the individuals bodies were never found. Most of those who were abducted were “kind people with strong faith, however, coming from poor economic conditions that were caused by Zionistic economic influence”. Read more about that incident here:

“It is clear that the current beta frequencies are designed to wage war upon Islam and those who follow Quran and Sunnah” states Professor Muhammed Zan’ib of Tubingen University. The space Jews, which have many crafts and the now possible abiltity to shape change must unite all humanity towards resistance.

Will the real Professor Muhammed Zan’ib please stand up?  There’s a Nobul Prize waiting for you here.


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