Hating Jews in Israel IV

More of this old and quite shocking material, with kind permission from the IMW (http://www.imw.org.il).    

Cartoon:  Above: “The new ennemies !! “

Underneath: “We should liquidate them when there arestill small !!!”


This poster was distributed in Kfar Saba by anonymous secular activists because the opening in this town of a new (and single) kindergarden by “Emouna”, a religious women welfare organization.


MK Yossi Sarid (“Meretz”, an extremist left-wing party): “This pamphlet ought a strong condemnation ! […] ,and the religious public should do a soul searching …”.
It is interesting to hear
who has to do a soul searching.


Courtesy: The pamphlet and MK Yossi Sarid reaction were published in newspaper “HaTsofe”, 4 September 1998.

Poster  The “Avoda” [left] party poster for the Raanana municipal election, 1998:
“Arrest [or stop] the orthodox [jewish people]”
Rinah Bartel
for the city Mayorship

Courtesy newspaper Yediot Haacharonot, 27.12.1998





Pamphlet  from “Am Chofshi” [A Free People]
This year, 22 soldiers were killed in Lebanon…
Not one of the draft dodgers were killed in their tents of Torah,

[referring to those who study in yeshiva in place of military service]
You fight for us, and we will fight for you.
Separate religion from money”




Chareidi Community Bracing for Another “Am Chofshi” Campaign


From: “IsraelWire News Service” December 28 1998 – 9 Tevet 5759

Many leaders of the Chareidi (ultra-Orthodox) community stated they are bracing for the “hate campaign” being waged by the “Am Chofshi” (“A Free People”) organization in the coming months priorto the national elections.

In one postcard being distributed by the organization, it depicts two soldiers looking at the graves of fallen comrades in a cemetery. The cardsays, “This year, 22 soldiers were killed in Lebanon. You fight for us -and we will fight for you. Not one of the draft dodgers were killed in their tents of Torah,” referring to those who study in yeshiva in place of military service.

Other slogans that are being distributed include: “Over 3,000 seniorcitizens are waiting for government assistance for a bed while fictitious Chareidi non-profit organizations continue to steal NIS tens of millionsfrom the public coffer.”

Leaders and politicians identified with the Chareidi community insist theywill not rest until the leader of the Am Chofshi organization is behindbars. According to Shas Party MK Yitzchak Cohen, the organization is in violationof laws prohibiting incitement and sedition. “This is similar to a race who used similar tactics to lay the groundworkfor the annihilation of six million of our people. As one who lost a brother, I call on the leaders of Am Chofshi to be ashamed of their actions and we will meet in court.”Cohen also stated that he is filing a complaint against the organization’sleadership with police on as well as calling on the attorney general to launch an investigation.

UTJ MK Rabbi Avraham Ravitz called the campaign “Blue and white anti-Semitism.”Senior UTJ personality and former MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni pointed an accusingfinger at the Am Chofshi leadership for trying to provoke a civil war.Gafne stated the organization was evil and should be ruled “illegal” and forced to cease its operations.

The organization’s leader, Jerusalem Councilman Ornan Yekutieli stated,”The time has come to inform the public of the truth. The burden placed onthe nation by a segment of the population vs. its contribution to society.It is unacceptable that we do military service, many students cannot receive financial assistance, the school day is too short and senior citizens are homeless. We have decided to undertake the campaign for separation of religion and money – we are not speaking of the entire Chareidi population – only the draft dodgers and those leaders who seek totake advantage of the funding and their thousands of thugs.”



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