Off To Venus (Progressive Dreaming)

Here’s another weirdism from the outer cringe of hyperleft-meets-old-Sanger, the Venus project. Our snaptime comment:

Known culture is a disease/pathology. Regimented microplanning vision free of capitalism.




Pretty, isn’t it? However, the plan seems not so pretty – planning left to the ruler class and their computers. Looks kind of like the Obama admin on a particularly bad blend of steroids, crack and viagra. We have their texts, but formatting these rants out of the spiderstorage, by hand, is kinda daunting.  Go read the site, it’s still there (and there may be more pictures as well).

I’ll tack on a little bit of text to just give an impression of the thing back in 2010 – sites have been known to self-modify – but really, there’s miles and miles of it. Here we go:

The main objective is the access of information and the availability of goods and services to all people. This would enable people to be prepared to participate in the exciting challenges of this new society A resource-based economy could create an environment that would encourage the widest range of individuality, creativity, constructive endeavor, and cooperation without any kind of elitism, technical or otherwise. Most significantly, a resource-based economy would generate a far different incentive system, one based on human and environmental concern. This would not be a uniform culture but one that is designed to be in a constant process of growth and improvement. As we enhance the lives of others, protect our environment, and work toward abundance, all our lives can become richer and more secure. If these values were put into practice it would enable all of us to achieve a much higher standard of living within a relatively short period of time–one that would be continuously improved. At a time when commercial institutions no longer exist, the necessity for prisons, lawyers, advertisements, banks and the stock exchange will serve no useful purpose. In the society of the future, in which the monetary system of scarcity has been surpassed by a resource based economy and most physical and creative needs are met, private ownership as we know it would cease to be a necessity to protect one’s access to goods and services.


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