Hating Jews in Israel III

And number three:


Sign: School tennagers in a demonstration in front of the Knesset: 
“There is money for the orthodox religious people, 
There is no money for [school] excursions “

Picture from newspaper

Comics:  The sucking Jew !

We can see an Orthodox Jew sucking the blood of a secular jew ! 

Picture from newspaper

Comics:  “The cruel sea”

Here is a play of hebrew word: it’s written “The cruel Jerusalem”. We can see an octopus [a popular antisemitic figure] sizing Jerusalem houses, some of them typically arabs and the Omar Mosque. On each tentacle is written a name of a jewish association and on one tentacle the sign   , that religious people usully write in letters (i.e. with the help of G-od).

Picture from newspaper Yediot Ha’haronot, 10 June 1998.

Amazing, isn’t it?  Wonder what would happen if we had that sort of virulent and hateful leftism in Norway? Oh, wait…



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