Islamic NewSpeak, that is. 1984 was long ago, and the world has moved on. Sort of.

This is a site with all the genocidal rage in the world, cleverly concealed under the title: The Global Anti Aggression Campaign. I’m pretty sure these guys are sitting pretty both with the Obama administration and our local Eurabian kommissars. One pic here is fresh – the site is still running.


Note the neat Islamic symbolism – the globe in chains. These boys have learned from the very best; one of their Norwegian friends rather gloatingly quoted Herr Goebbels at me the other day ;).

On with snapshot time site text:

Written by Rabih Haddad, Executive Director Friday, 27 July 2007 About Us

Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation vs. Blair? Islamic Charities Written by Jon Eisenberg Sunday, 21 October 2007 Is it possible a foreign government – perhaps the United Kingdom – has colluded with the Bush administration in conducting warrantless electronic surveillance of American citizens? I am one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys in Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, Inc. v. Bush, which challenges the legality of the president’s warrantless surveillance program as a violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA). The Al-Haramain case is unique among the various lawsuits challenging the program in that we alone have seen proof – a top-secret document the government accidentally gave our clients in prior legal proceedings – that our clients were victims of the program. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will soon decide whether we will be permitted to use the document, or our memories of it, to establish our clients’ standing to sue and thereby obtain adjudication of an important constitutional issue: whether the president may disregard an act of Congress in the name of national security.

The Global Anti Aggression Campaign (GAAC) is a framework that coordinates the efforts of individuals and institutions in the Muslim Ummah (Nation) to assert its right of self defense and to resist aggression in a civilized, peaceful manner. General Principles of GAAC GAAC activities and programs are peaceful and lawful. GAAC specializes in monitoring and resisting different types of aggression against Islam and Muslims, and also aids in lifting oppression from other peoples. GAAC bases its stances, programs, and activities on research, knowledge, and fact. GAAC is a Global public entity that is not affiliated with any country or party. GAAC is a not-for-profit (NFP) non governmental organization (NGO). GAAC adopts the Islamic Shura as its decision making process and considers all founding members equal. GAAC’s relationship with its members is bound by its objectives and activities and does not interfere with their private matters or other activities. Working within GAAC is open as per its bylaws to individuals, groups, institutions, and international bodies that denounce tyranny and aggression.

YoHoHo. They have no country, just whatever part of whatever constitution is convenient. And a bottle of blood.


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