Hating Jews in Israel II

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Legend: “Waiter ! There is an orthodox [Jew] in my cola…”

There is no need to explain how the author consider religious Jews !
Picture from an article about anti religious phenomena in Israel, Makor Rishon, 22.10.1997.

Legend: ” Blood-sucker treck” ,being a play on hebrew words for “Stretcher treck”, a military treck. The student on the strecher holds a hat with side-curls symbolizing orthodox Jews.


Students demonstration in Jerusalem, 1.1.1998.
The students complained that the budget for Yeshiva students is higher than the one for University students [which is all but true !].
The chairperson of the students association: ” It can’t be that the government will give millions to the parasites” [i.e. the Yeshiva students].


Nor the IBA television, nor the newspaper Maariv have noticed or condemned the use of racist slogans and poor demagogy.


Picture from newspaper Maariv 2.1.1998.

We can see the ministry of finance, Yaacov Neeman (on the right) lets PM Biniamin Netaniahu throw public funds to the religious people.

Picture from newspaper

Nasty stuff, isn’t it? And of course the extreme left does the same thing everywhere – in New York, in Norway, in Denmark, Brussels, London, China..

Don’t go away. Be back in a jiffy.


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