Anarchists Of The World: Untie

Just a little light entertainment from the stupid end of the spectrum: Anarchore. The site doesn’t exist anymore, it was on Geocities and besides, the owner claimed that it was best viewed with an IQ of above 120. So he might have had some trouble editing it. Pictures, then snarky snapshot-time comment. Btw, why is it that people in the IQ-range of 80 or so are obsessed with, well… IQ?


Funny peculiar, and and if not for stupidity and bigotry, funny haha.

Snap note:

Garden variety anarcho-nazist, member of the libertarian socialist webring. Extremely antisemitic, anticommunist and anticapitalist. Would have been right at home with Ernst Rohm, probably.

Interesting that he lists “Cultural Marxism” as one of his enemies. Shades of Breivik there, in 2007.


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