Norway: Pins and Pinheads

During the last couple of days there has been a minor flap in the Norwegian State broadcasting channel over the fact that many (perhaps most) of the forces supposed to deal with terror events on July 22 did not actually have functional weapons, the firing pins having been confiscated and put under central lock and key. As if they didn’t know.

This deplorable fact can be traced back to the Norwegian parliament, here:

Everyone should read the whole thing. The broad consensus on an urgent confiscation of the guard soldiers’ weapons parts is as hilarious as its effects are tragic. The socialists are trying to pass off “soldiers living in a collective feeling that the weapon in a locker is a burden”. I don’t know. Hippy guardsmen? They’re getting the Home Guard from the Blitz collective now??

Anyway. A disgrace, as all of our current parliamentry shenanigans.

Confusion all around, leaving civilian housewives boating out and saving kids from the water under a hail of bullets.


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