Race War?? (Or something)

This group is another of those strange shrooms out of the USA, probably very local but also of the kind that spreads. Rather like witches circles in the woods.

Just a couple of pics, and some onsite texts at snapshot time. Ths site is still running, by the way, and current socialist readers may find things they like. They’ll probably like the original sentiments against the Jews, not so sure if they’d openly praise Zimbabwe anymore. Here we go..


As Freedom Fighters we support all People’s struggles against any and all forms of oppression, exploitation, neo-colonialism, imperialism, genocide and occupation. With this being said: We support the resistance in Palestine! We support the resistance in Iraq! We support Cuba lead by Fidel! We support Venezuela led by Hugo! We support Zimbabwe lead by Mugabe! We support our Chicano Warriors! We support our Indigenous (Natives American) Warriors! We support the Millions More Movement and any mass movement involving our People. And most of all We Support AfriKa And Our People’s At Home And A broad Undeniable Struggle To Be Free, PERIOD! We will promote and advance for all, understanding of our Political struggle, Cultural reorientation and Spiritual Renaissance. Assata Shakur Forums is and will maintain a pro-PanAfriKan and Pro-Afrikan Centered position.

Opposing views are welcome, but will not be allowed to undermine the value of these Ideologies, Afrikan Centered Spiritual Systems and Aims. This position holds true in topics including religion/spirituality, history, education, culture and in all other areas of human activity. It is our hope that you reading this now can agree with this missive, but if for any reason you can’t we understand and offer a big asante sana for all that you have done, at speeding up the day of our total liberation from all forms of oppression, and our re-connecting to our Traditional Belief Systems, so that we will indeed be free!

We will leave you with these quotes….

“Many of our people’s mind have been white washed. If a Negro comes up to you and you turn your back on him, he’s got to run to the honky. We’re going to take time and patience with our people because they’re OURS!…they’re OURS!” Undying love for our people, If we do not do that, we will be wiped out. We must develop and undying love for our people. Our slogan will become, “First our people, then, and only then me and you as individuals.”

Our people first.. Following from that came secondly the slogan, “Every Negro is a potential black man; we will not alienate them! “We will not alienate them! …We will not alienate them!” “We must be willing to give our talents, our sweat, our blood, even our life for our people. Nothing else! Not this country, OUR people! OUR people! [applause] We must develop the concept that every Negro is a potential black man. You do not alienate your potential allies. Let’s bring our people home! Let’s bring our people home! We must understand the concept that for us, the question of community is not geography, it is the question of US: black people, wherever we are. So we have to consciously become a part of the 900 million black people that are separated over this world. We were separated by [tape skip][the white man?]… We are blood of the same blood and flesh of the same flesh. We do not know who is our sister, who is our brother, or where we came from. They took us from Africa and the put thousands of miles of water between us. But they forgot: blood is thicker than water. We coming together! ” –Excerpts: Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael), 1968 at Free Huey Rally -yours in struggle The Talking Drum Collective


I don’t know. I particularly like the “Every Negro is a Potential Black Man” bit. Sorry. Shouldn’t laugh… For more deep thoughts go to:



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