The Great Leap

Make no mistake about it, the current government of the US comes from a long tradition of racism and eugenics. And it is still promoting this worldview. You find the eugenics thinking right there in the administration. Old news. The cancer of current American fascism seems increasingly popular in Europe, too.

The latest twitch of the exterminationist switch seems to be Dutch euthanasia triggers:

So loneliness (lacking social contact, non-politically correct lifestyle) can now get you turned off. Hitler never had it so easy. Think I’m joking? China is mapping “incorrect” lifestyles as I write. We’ll be publishing some of the very interesting things that China actually do, but it’s for another post and besides, it’s very grisly stuff.

But for now, The Great Leap! It’s kind of uncertain to where and to what. This is Ford and Hitler and Sanger and Obama country.

This site isn’t all that old, and it’s emblematic of a whole bunch of web-activism that used to have a kind of bad smell about it but now is getting more and more out into the light. “Creative Consciouus Evolution”.

In the usual manner – screenshots, then some data from the original snapshot.


So much for that. Now for the on-site introduction back at snapshot time.

We in the Eugenics movement are not interested in competing against Adolph Hitler or Karl Marx for some minuscule little 1,000 year Reich. We are interested in competing with Jesus Christ and Buddha for the destiny of man.

Charmed, I’m sure. Not.



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