An Al Quaida in Europe

This is a fellow named Barakat Yarkas:

He’s shown on a shooting range ” someplace in Europe” (actually it would be very strange if someone wouldn’t recognize the place), and he’s banging away with a nice big ol’  cannon. And thereby hangs a bit of a mystery.

Yarkas name is mostly known as a central Al Quaida character in Europe. And over in “Palestine”, there used to be an internet hosting company called 357Hosting. The place’s phone number seemed to be stumping people at the time, but one of the ways to get it to resolve was looking at cellphone numbers in Europe.

357Hosting had a lot of unsavory stuff on it, among other things all the loot from the late, unlucky Dale Stoffel.

But anyway, back to Yarkas. Why do we think he had something to do with 357Hosting? Apart from his location, look at his gun ;).



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