A more slavic union

This is more history. A rare glimpse of Russian neonazis and their connection to the Church.

The site is demushkin.com, it still exists and the feel of it is much the same as it was back then (May 2005). Looks a bit different, and of course I can’t see the Church link anymore although it may still be there in the background.

Quite a lot of graphics with this one, and I’m sure people familiar with gangs in the US and Europe will find it all boringly the same.



And now for the church stuff. Text from the original snapshot:

This order seems not only to be threatening violence, but also seems connected to religion. Look for connects to the Church of Creativity – as it is, they are showing consecration of their SS-banner at some Russian church. Packed. Title: Consecration of banner SS in hrame/Consecration of our banner in Church. Seems to be from Moscow. Date on pics old, 1990. Slavic Union



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