Magick in Texas

We’ve been looking at all kinds of antisemites on here, so we can just as well drop a few “Christian” ones into the pot. Let’s start with Texe Marrs.

We will eventually do more on this guy, because he’s very, very prolific and he’s involved with quite a few websites, which is after all what we’re interested in. But first: The Codex Magica.

Our snap comment about the site:  Everyone, it seems, is a magic Jew.  The site still exists, proving that not just islamic madness grows in the petri dish of Jew-hatred.

Oh well. Basically, his doctrine is that everyone is run by the magic Jews, and they call on various demonic entities who are either commanded by the Jews or just another aspect of the Jews. He gets a little fuzzy around the logical edges, but seems not much different from “Occupy Wall Street”, or Mr. Ahmadihnejad for that matter.

Many years ago I heard some rumors that he was tight with Bush the Elder, but I kind of doubt it. More likely he just spammed the poor guy with his tapes.

Anyway, screenshots. Click the thumbnail for full size.


This fellow runs a ministry, engaged in various business enterprises. Obviously antisemitism sells quite briskly. The ministry is “Living Truth Ministries”, and we have it listed as Christian Identity which is a dime a dozen. Marrs has a few twists all of his own, though. 


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