Progressive Interfaith

You’d think Islam would have a bit of a problem catering to ideological atheists, wouldn’t you? Not so you’d notice. This site existed for a limited time, but it had the two words that the left is just eating up: Progressive and Islam.

Snapshot is from 2010. First the site header.

And then the site description:

About ProgressiveIslam.Org Introduction: Welcome to ProgressiveIslam.Org, an online community and a super blog for Muslims of all theological orientations and any one else with an interest in issues relating to Islam, empowerment, freedom, equality and authenticity, to gather and engage in creative, thoughtful and intelligent discussion and debate. ProgressiveIslam.Org is an online town commons created for individuals to gather and engage each other through sharing news, insights, opinions, stories, art, and scholarship. Just like at an old town commons, ProgressiveIslam.Org offers its resources to the community to build practical connections by providing space for social networking, education, activism, and forums for debate. It is our sincere hope that through this space and others like it we can avoid the tragedy of the commons by working with each other toward a unified community of diverse Muslims. In its most recent manifestation, this site will serve as a group blog for a number of individuals who have given up their own private spaces in the virtual world to unite in an effort to create more intellectual synergy and diversity. They come from disparate backgrounds and environments but share the common goal of contributing to a more intellectually diverse and spiritually rich Islam, thus representing the best of the Islamic tradition. Our Intention: ProgressiveIslam.Org is an online space, created for people of all theological orientations, political inclination, and philosophic disposition to gather and engage in creative, thoughtful and intelligent discussion and debate. We are not an organization, at least not in the typical sense of the word. We are a team of progressive Muslims, working together in a deliberate absence of formal structure. So, rather than having a mission statement or by-laws or boards of directors and advisers or a specific goal in mind, what we have is a ‘niyya’, an intent. Our intent is simply to provide the technical means and a hospitable environment for the expression of ideas in an open and civil manner. We have a few ideas to start with, but where we go from there is really up to the community of people who contribute to and use this site as a resource. We’ve built the site so that it can grow in any direction and take advantage of web technologies. We invite you to take part and help us grow wherever that takes us. Comments Policy: Please comment, enlighten us, stir things up, and have fun. We encourage each one of you to become a registered user. Registered Users can create reader diaries (reader blogs). You do not have to be registered to make comments. We do not control the content of our bloggers or our readers writings with the exception of prohibiting incitements to violence and intimidation. Freedom of speech has to have some limits to be truly free for all. We reserve the right to determine the difference between intimidation and rhetorical flair circumstantially. Contact Us: We can be reached by email at You can also call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx. If we don’t pick up, leave us a message, and we’ll get back to you.

Evidently, they packed it in late in 2010.  Can we call this particular interfaith variant “Interprogress”? Btw, the address no longer works. Of course. The phone number might have.


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