Islamic Compounds

There’s quite a few Islamist hangouts around the world qualifying for the term “Compound”. They are typically muslim communities separating themselves from the surroundings by various means, and many of them are run by clearly militant groups. Perhaps the most well-known is “Muslims Of America”, otherwise known as al Fuqra, led by Sheik Gilani, a particularly unsavory (and bizarrely superstitious) character. There are a few groups involved in this game, some are working to set up militant enclaves in urban settings, some are decidedly rural. Many have come under well-deserved scrutiny.

This one that I think slipped under everyone’s radar, maybe because it seems to have died quietly before getting up to speed.

A few screenshots.  As usual, click the thumbnails to get the picture:


The Squaw Valley Islamic Settlement was an initiative by Salim Morgan, of Dunlap California. The site still exists, as far a I can see unchanged from the snapshot. Here’s how he describes his project:

Squaw Valley Islamic Settlement, located in Dunlap, CA, is an attempt to re-examine how Muslims can live and raise their children in this country. Muslims have not fared well living highly concentrated in the major cities. The history of da’wah (the only valid excuse for living in this country) has been very poor and the raising of children has had even more dismal results. We believe and have found that life in the coutryside gives us a much greater degree of control over our environment and allows for a much better situation for the raising of Muslim children. When we began our efforts, some criticized us for being “isolationist”. This could not be farther from the truth. Though the population is less dense in rural areas, human contact is actually more and opportunities for da’wah more numerous. The environment is MUCH healthier for our children both physically and spiritually. We are located in the foothills of the Sierra Mountans 45 miles east of Fresno (just a few miles from the border of Sequoia National Park) on approximately 150 acres of land privately owned by about a dozen Muslim families. A number of families have already moved onto their parcels. We also have one 5 acre parcel which is waqf lillahi ta’ala. On that parcel we have constructed a simple masjid in which about 60 people can pray. Our masjid cost us a total of $1,200 to construct. That’s TWELVE HUNDRED, not twelve thousand or 1.2 million! It’s a little cold in the winter and a little hot in the summer, but hey, so are most of the $2 and $3 million masajid in this country when the Muslims can’t affort to heat and air condition them after initial construction! To be a success, the Squaw Valley Islamic Settlement needs Islamic settlers! Once we reach about 40 families, we plan to become a town giving us even more control over our situation. There is frequently land for sale in the immediate vicinity. Sometimes there are houses to rent in the area. Fresno is a major California city and is 50 minutes drive away. If you are interested, feel free to contact us for referrals and more information.

Note that his only reason for living in the US (and this is rather obviously a US citizen) is that of Dawah, the spreading of Islam.

Much more on the site, still live at


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