As the worms turn

For those who think that the global onset of fascism was brought by “Occupy Wall Street”, here’s a newsflash: it started some time ago. And some important seed of the cancer came from the “Palestinians”. How so, you may ask? Well, the insurrection movement in the US (just like the insurrection movement in Iraq), is eminently trackable. And so we track.

This one of the Global Intifada sites. The US now has an intifada from without, on its southern borders. And an intifada from within, by the deliberately imported insurgents of Islamic and Communist persuasion. Way to go, gentlemen.

Our snap is from 2007. “Left Turn: Notes from the Global Intifada”. Site is still there. It’s alive. This one will take a bit more than a stake.


Site is slightly redesigned these days, but the contents are much the same. More excitement over the totalitarian world wave, of course.


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