The strange world of Hess

This is another poke at the real odd world of antisemite websites, not old but contemporary. It’s a site run by an American, Matthew Hess. I was going to say a few things about him, but really, the less said the better. Use google.

The interesting thing about his activism is that is strikes a chord in good ol antisemite Norway. We once had legislation banning Jews from the country, and the left is salivating over the chance to introduce legislation that might have the same effect. So we may be getting a new “Jew-paragraph”, at the same time we have an “inclusion minister”. Guess what that means.


These are the issues out so far. And here’s one of the magazine characters:

There’s probably little that can be done about Mr. Hess from here, and we wouldn’t want to either. In a healthy market – which the US may again be – this kind of thing just rots and takes its natural place among marginalized loony toons. Norway’s loony toons are a different matter, though. May I suggest cutting tourist visits and boycotting Norwegian companies?


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