Believing in Saints

Another bit of history, and this one is as strange as they come. The site is long dead (it clung to life for a bit of 2005 and then the owner ran off, I believe to Latvia). It’s an eerie precursor to the pictures of Obama-with-a-halo the media was so fond of for a while. Dead site address:

The site disclaimer was especially funny:

This domain, website and discussion forum has absolutely NO CONNECTION in any way with the National Alliance or any holding of the National Alliance. The NEW OWNER of this domain and website does not support the National Alliance in any shape, form or fashion. Links to news articles on National Vanguard are simply provided as NEWS links to vistors and are nothing more than news links. There is no secret NA connection. This domain was sold by the previous owner and is under new ownership and managment.

Anyway, it died. The congregation just wasn’t there. Maybe the White Supremacists, while crazy and gullible, had some limits.



Note the swastika on the church steeple.



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