Scandinavian omens

I promised to post some information on old happenings in Scandinavia. The Junipersec archive is a goldmine of information, even if it is kind of nasty.

This is a post made on Samuel Francis forum in 2002. It was made by a purported member of Den Danske Forening, and while the poster “Triskelion” may not have been especially truthful – and some things indicate he wasn’t even truthful about his family background – most in the white supremacist scene took him at face value. It should be noted that this also included combined white supremacist/islamist forums in the Netherlands.

Whatever his game was, he was quite the agitator. The mood was getting very ugly even back then.

 Towards the end of November I and several members of the Danske Forening along with a minor feminist organization organized a campaign in Aalborg to protest a series of gang rapes that have been happening over the course of several previous months. At the demonstrations a short paper was distributed which used police records to break down the race of the attackers and victims with no commentary other then that the mainstream media and the police could better protect the public by reporting such statistics rather then ignoring them and extolling the virtues of multi-culturalism.

Three days latter, I awoke at around 3 am to the sound of my door being smashed followed by several police pressing guns into my face as my home was ransacked in a search for materials “likely to incite civil unrest, racial hatred and/or undermine democracy”. It turns out that the flyer mentioned earlier offended the Senegalese, Iraqi and Kurdish communities who brought the matter to the attention of the Human Rights Commission’s Tribunal of Prosecution which put me through a brief show trial before convicting me. During my confinement, my home was repeatedly vandalized, one of my autos set on fire and my family constantly threatened and harassed with no action taken by the police. As a result, I had them move back to the Isles for safety’s sake.

My council had this ruling overturned on the basis that none of the flyers had any indication that I personally was involved with the composition or distribution of the handbill. The prosecution has called for a retrial on the grounds that as an organizer of the protests I should have prevented the distribution of any material likely to provoke civil unrest, racism or anti democratic values. If I lose the retrial I face 18 months to 4 years imprisonment although the possibility exists that such a sentence could be suspended or degraded if I publicly denounce “xenophobia” and actively support “multi – cultural education and tolerance programs” as recommended by the court. No matter what happens, I have decided not to take such an offer and compromise my stance as I simply could not look myself or family in the face if did so.

The upshot of all of this is that I am convinced that the kind of dissidents found on this board will face the same treatment in the next 10 years or less and you best think about how to deal with such unpleasantness as individuals and as a group. Of course, repression does have an upside in that it does tend to energize the arm chair rightists to support patriotic parties rather then deal with the same tired old collection of traitorous pseudo conservatives that support ending Western Civilization with almost the same enthusiasm of the left. I suppose that the big upswing in genuine opposition here as seen by the last election is an indication that things can improve. But some times, it is hard to not to despondent or be blind with rage.


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