Old days, stupid ways

This is from Sam Francis forum, back in February 2002. Already back then, the more rabid white supremacists were seeking to ally with islam:


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Persuading SF refugees to sign upThe following is my last post at Sam Francis. Perhaps it will persuade a few SF refugees to join this new forum and help a little with the finances.

Having somewhat thawed out, I would like to quickly list three reasons we should support polinco.com/forum.

1. Polinco has the experience to keep the forum open. I’m not going to look up the forum references, but I think that her site and forum have survived at least one loss of provider.

2. Our forum, wherever it ends up, needs a strong European participation. We have members from UK, Denmark, and Holland. We need more. An example is: I would like to open a discussion of the possibility of a White Nationalist alliance with some part of Islam. From my perspective in Denver, Colorado, this seems like a reasonable idea to contemplate. The English, Dutch, and Danes may have a different perspective.

3. The Original Dissent Forum may be a little delicate for some of our posts. I am a member and plan to post, remaining within the guidelines of the forum, but as an example, I will post here a link to an excellent essay at FAEM.com. Would this essay or a link to it remain on OD?



I imagine that many of the most stalwart posters on SF have simply stopped reading there, perhaps they will drop in here. Some have been at the AMREN conference and may not have had the time to think about forum participation.



Html isn’t as slick as it should be, it’s been stuffed into generations of backups and disks. But this was the “old-school” white supremacists – Europeans, Euro-wannabes, and South African emigrees. Some of them have disappeared, some are probably dead by now. And some, on other forums, gave clear hints of what was later to come in the form of Anders Behring Breivik by referring to happenings in Denmark and their perceptions of them.


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