Norway calling

The other day I had a strange experience. I was off for a nap after a sugar fluctuation (I’ll not get into the weirdnesses of typeII diabetes here). I was awakened by frantic pounding on the front door and constant ringing of the doorbell.  So I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, got some clothes on and approached the hall. Cautiously.

 Outside stood an old friend. He’s a leftist. You might say he’s a victim of Bush Derangement Syndrome.  He was jumping up and down and wondered if the police had been to see me. I asked him why? What’s up?

 ”Oh. They tracked down the leader of So now all you rightwingers are in for it!” I had to tell him I didn’t really know who this was, but it was like telling an old-school weatherman that rain really fell upwards.

So this is Norway. A frothing-at-the-mouth communist slimepot turning to islamism and antisemitism.

Of course, what brought that particular bout of insanity on was the doings of Anders Behring Breivik, or ABB for short. A wild and crazy man who might just as well have been a Jihadist, and who has given the left in this country untold opportunity to deform our legal system into something more to Stalinist liking. There’s talk about longer imprisonment than the normal maximum, and so on.

I’d say death penalty, or ABB will just use his prison term for gain (political and financial), be rehabilitated down the road, get out and join the establishment or simply repeat the pattern. The death penalty stops recidivism cold, which is why civilized countries should have it as a backstop for the really, really bad stuff. It should be part of the normal legal system and not a part of something extraordinary to be designed by whoever holds political power and outrage.

Oh well.  I did say ”this is Norway”, did I? Correction: This was Norway.


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