Rimjob Diving

And into the deep we go.  Or go whining, go deep :).

Remember I mentioned “The Golden Compass”, the fantasy movie with Sam Elliot?  A wonderful movie, but the Freepers are of the conviction that the production is driven by the Antichrist, Satan himself, or maybe even Antifreepers.  “Catholic” lunatics of the Jim Robinson variety managed to get the production of the planned sequel cancelled.  And they were concerned that watching t”The Golden Compass” might cost you your soul.

Actually, responding to this screech for money might cost you your soul, if you’re a Freeper.  And if you have one :).


But looky here:


Lol.  Freepers WILL steal whatever isn’t nailed down.  Stealing pics from a movie Freepers claim is by Satan – for Rimjob – is just about par for these lunatics.

There was one other picture on the beggar thread that I found interesting (the “creativity” of the paid thiieves force seems to be deflating slightly):


Rimjob and Onyx.  One wonders if he got a claw on her estate yet, or if he’s given up.  Something tells me he’s still scrabbling for the green….


Tragicomedy in Fat Flat

They say: “Follow the money”, and when there’s nothing left on this dirtball except cockroaches, alien archaelogists will probably be able to follow the money trail right to who and what exterminated most life.


So there are millions going to the study of fat lesbians and origami condoms?  I didn’t even know there were origami condoms (*what* are they??), but I certainly know there are fat lesbians.  In fact, they may be worth a study, because I know fat lesbians who are rather proud of their murder record.  So a study of people like that may have important security value.  The data, though, may be extremely unwelcome in the corruptocracies of the world, particularly in Scandinavia and the US where that faction of society is in a position comparable to Ernst Röhm and kohorts in Germany.

Anyway, I was just thinking of the fantastic crumbling of  western institutions into an ill-smelling cloud of kaka, looking at how the handling of Ebola is almost certain to provide us with as exciting times as we haven’t seen since Europe thawed out of the ice and the first Norwegian thought he was supposed to follow the ice (not my definition, alas – I think it was Borgen – no, Børretzen).  Who also defined the first Norwegian as the village idiot :).  But I digress.

There was, a while back, an example of how senior officials of the system are in open contempt of law and human life.  I had forgotten the name of this odious judge, so I asked Mesta to have a look around, and sure enough:


The conclusion, of course, is that liberals are so hyper-destructive that they will happily burn the world down.  But they don’t like light.

There’s things living under rocks, actually, leading the life of a liberal ;).

Happy weekend to you all.  Oh, and remember Mesta’s healthraiser.  You’ll find it on her site, or here on this site.


1st Airborne

Ebola, that is.

Back when the apes at the Reston apehouse were keeling over like blood-filled water balloons, keepers and researchers at first couldn’t understand how it was that apes in a completely different part of the complex were being infected.  The answer, even as Ebola was supposed to only spread through direct contact with fluids, it was being transmitted through the complex’ ventilation system.  And this was not a droplet spread but a true airborne pathogen.

Now, since Ebola was extremely dangerous, the USAMRIID labs in Maryland were involved, and there was some tension before it became clear that this airborne Ebola wasn’t dangerous to people.

But what no one cottoned on to – in fact, it wasn’t discovered before 2012 – was that Ebola Reston readily infected pigs and made the pig population its home, sitting there in comfort and mutating, mutating, mutating…

Knock, knock…

Just a comfort thought before Christmas, with it’s manic shopping mobs :).

More comfort: The group of filoviruses seems to be expanding more rapidly than expected, and of course each new variant has new opportunities.


A Detour into Geekistan

Since I’ve already let you into one of my subversive secrets – that I run incandescents around the place – it may be time to have a look at the Crees.  I do have lightbulbs enough tucked away to last me probably way past my death, but the search for a viable replacement is interesting and by now there may be some real good choices for room lighting.

Anyway, since I was inundated with advertisers (Norwegian ones) wanting to sell LED flashlights at prices kinda resembling those of a small car, I went and pawed through what was really available out there.  This is NOT a test, or anything as serious as that.  But I have accumulated a few of these things and will probably be looking at more.  I’m just going to list them with a short comment on my impressions.


This is an old and crabby Ultrafire which is zoomable.  It’s supposed to be a 2000 lumens torch, which is almost certainly BS, and is supposed to be an Ultrafire, which is probably also BS.  But the price was right (under $5, if I remember), and it has a tremendous plus: the switch is on the side, which makes it natural for one-hand operation.  It also has a loader port on the other side, which is almost completely nonfunctional.  Bottom line is that it’s perfectly usable, pirated or not.


This is another zoomable ultrafire, and it may be genuine.  Same led as the old and crabby one (Cree XML-T6), but no side switch.  It was a bit more expensive, but not much.


And yet another Ultrafire, this one rather simple.  No zoom, just three brightness levels, Cree XML-T6.  And this one is genuine. And cheap.


My personal favorite of the bunch. Very simple, very functional and it follows you like a penknife.  The li-ion battery size is a bit smaller but with a sosmile travel charger, who cares?  And this one, too, is a genuine Ultrafire.


Old Maglite which has gotten a Cree LED heart transplant (and a button on the tail).  But it still has to use old AA bateries which *will* leak green ichor all over your equiment if you turn your back on them.


Nitecore P12, the most expensive of the bunch.  And a very fine machine it is too.  It has a weakness, though.  One and the same as it’s most advanced feature.  There is a side switch.  Sort of.  It has two functions: one is to show you how much power is left in the battery (it blinks blue to show you the power level), and one is to regulate brighntness.But the main (and only) on-off switch is on the tail.

It is *easy* to get down to the lowest brightness and actually thinking the damn torch is off.  Stuff it in its holster, and voila: the next time you reach for it, it’s dead.

Generally, I’ll just say that there has been a lot of bellyaching about the pirated versions of Chinese electronics, and a LOT of that about the Ultrafire, as well as a lot of whining about how the Chinese only makes cheap garbage copying others.  But their machinists are certainly up to snuff, and even the pirated Ultrafires are fairly good.  The products remind me of back when my Dad was a sailor between Japan and Boston, and he brought home things like the first transistor radio I ever had.  Tiny thing, but it brought me many nights of Radio Luxembourg and music :).


My oh My

No, this isn’t about Slade.  Nor is it especially loving.


So the CDC has been infested.  And actually, it seems to have been infested for as long as Ebola has been an issue.

I was just going through the very earliest proceedings dealing with the threat posed by these newcomers, as early as back in the seventies.  There was a section dealing with isolating infected patients, using something called the Trexler isolation unit which still seems to be in use today.  And if my eyes didn’t deceive me there in my demonstratively lightbulb-lighted den, one of the concerns was how these things might violate the patients right to human contact.

Liberalism IS a suicide contract.  Only they prefer that it’s the other guys who die.

Anyway, I dug out some of the other light reading on the subject: Ed Regis’ “The Biology of Doom”.  Did you know that at the end of WWII, the planes were already just a tickle away from taxiing up the runway for a total genocidal Anthrax run on Germany?  And that the stuff was baked into cattle pellets to be seeded all over Germany’s grazing areas?  And that the germ stocks measured in tons?

Canada seems to have been one of the very earliest industrial scale producers for the project; it seems they actually used brewery equipment for fermentation.  Copper tanks and pipes do not readily corrode.

Infection, International Colloquium on Ebola Virus; Pattyn, S. R. (Editor) - Ebola Virus Haemorrhagic Fever  Regis, Ed - The Biology of Doom

Of course, that *other* Socialist country, the Soviet Union, wasn’t so particular.  A large area around where Biopreparat used to be is indelibly marked with funny creepy stuff like Tularemia.  It seems they were using the cheapest form of  equipment available.  Iron pipes, for example.  Which rusted.  Dripping biological solutions everywhere and on the local wildlife.  And that went on until the fall of the Soviets – and maybe after.

And we’re off!!

That didn’t take long:


As I said a post back in “Ebolyndra”, liberals/progressives and quarantines just can’t exist in the same universe.  To quarantine a liberal, you simply have to put him down like any rabid animal or put him under lock and key.  Of course if the guardians are of the progressive religion, they’ll see it as their duty to let him escape.

Also, the liberal media is making a great deal of noise about how harmless Ebola really is.  The thinking of the “enlightened” is that the modern world is better organized to hinder the spread of virus, and if you’re unfortunate enough to come down with such a thing as Ebola, we have LOTS AND LOTS of life-supporting measures we can try.  And we have LOTS AND LOTS of medical resources, not to mention the calm determination not to panic.  Of course, the calm determination not to panic is sometimes indistinguishable from what draws a moth into a flame.  Unfortunately, the consequences are likely to be worse and you don’t lower Ebola’s mortality just because you can keep the patient alive for a forthnight instead of six days.

Here’s a measure of liberal insanity:

“Ebola is low-risk because it’s not listed as a Pandemic”.

I’ve got news for you, Sunshine: if Ebola was at pandemic levels, I might have my dream come true and there might be no liberals left.  You are looking at a virus with 25 to 90% mortality, from the cases that have been recorded, but no one knows what a pandemic may level out to.  But to think of it as “low-risk” is insane.  Actually, you might think of the liberal mind as part of Ebola’s lethality envelope.

Liberal. incompetent and generally vile Norway has an old saying: “Det vil helst gå godt”.  The problem is just that Murphy’s Law wins the day.  Every day.  And particularly around liberals ;).



There’s an epithet you’ll find around the web, it’s in the post title.  In fact, it *is* the post title.  Apart from depicting a fairly disgusting sexual practice it has been used as a name for Jim Robinson of FR.

Having taken note of his latest begathon hoopla, I have sort of concluded that it is entirely deserved.  I don’t generally hold with genitalia-cussing or even underpants-jokes; they’re mostly more stupid than they’re worth.  But in this case, maybe not.

Anyway, I see the legless lardster is spinning around FR continuing his libel of Mesta as part of his ongoing swindle of the Freepers.  Hey, Rimjob: you know who I am, and where I am.  And still you hide, you jellyroll.  No phone number available, your email seems to be permanently dead, and if you have ever had an actual accountant I suspect it was the guy who was stripped of his law license.

So much for FR, the roadkill of US “politics”.

But what I really wonder, keeping this year’s experience in mind, is this: how many Freepers have you actually killed?  You know, chasing the mammon in your pitiful little zottopaloozas?

I think that is something that should be looked closely at.  Don’t you?

Oh, and I couldn’t resist this deliciously ironic piece of graphics from one of your beggar lieutenants:


Give up your freedoms all who enter here, or Jim goes bankrupt :).



People who do not belong in the Obama fanclub will remember the many swindles wrought upon the American people in order to transfer their tax money to Obama’s cronies in the global warming/freezing/greening/blackening religion.  One of the worst was the Solyndra scandal.  Serious money was transferred to the coffers of criminals, and there had never been any real intent to deliver any goods.

Actually, I saw something very similar in Norway in 1991, when the Norsk Data developed system Nortrygd was supposed to do a generational leap to new hardware.  The NORD110 mini machines with terminals were supposed to be exchanged for personal computers for the counter, and modest SUN machines dishing out the local database.

It didn’t work.

The old database was Sibas, an optimized but somewhat difficult-to-program-for beast.  The new database was Oracle SQL, something that was supposed to save countless man-hous and machine cycles and blast the Nortrygd systems into the next milennium.  In reality, the SUN machines were not even able to serve up a few demonstration screens from a base containing some few tens of records, and the PC model chosen to lightning-like do the tap dance between desk clerk, social security clients and the accumulated local data was cheap toys that was barely usable for a game of solitaire.  That the project had met a brick wall was clear after initial start of one SUN and one 286-based clown machine. I think displaying a simple screen with data for the puny demo set on the Sun onto the plastic toy took something like five to ten minutes.

Still, the admin duly consumed the money allocated – some more than a hundred million if I remember – and that was that.  The parallel to Solyndra is quite breathtaking, and so is the cronyism and corruption that was displayed.  No wonder Norway licks the feet of Obama bin Fraud.

But that is history, and this is now.  And maybe the end of the world as we know it.

The US recently imported – in the criminally negligent fashion of good progressives – a patient infected with Ebola, and let him run wild all over the place with no controls whatsoever.  To do otherwise would discriminate against the African continent, be hostile to multiculturalism and positively ebolophobic. You’re from Zaire?  Here, enter through the no customs and no visa entrance.  Let us sniff your butt.  If you’re bleeding, please smear it here on my forehead.

As surprises no one not insane enough to be on the left side of the monkey/human divide, the patient is now dead.

However, Norway has got its own imported Ebola patient.  There is much self-congratulation out there in the progressive Norway – the Norwegian health system is the best in the world (LOL!), and Ebola is no problem for a modern society.  The stupidity is downright magical.

The reason Ebola has not become a global scourge worse than the Black Death is just that it has been rumbling around in a less developed part of the world.  The reaction to Ebola has traditionally been that the ones not sick run away as fast as they can, and the virus for lack of new food burns itself out.  But with Ebola in metropolitan populations, or even smug and incompetent Norway, Katie bar the door!  And we will see airborne Ebola – in fact we have already seen it, in the Reston variant.  But the world was more lucky than it deserves; Ebola Reston only kills monkeys.  Still, the bad outcomes are hammering on the door.  We just changed the door for a whorehouse glass bead curtain.

And those of us that really followed the SARS fiasco know from Canada that progressives and quarantines cannot exist in the same universe.  Canada had health workers *deliberately* breaking quarantine.



Thus Spake Zothostra

Like slavering hounds chasing the kitten down the course, the freepers are off to the great Zot tournament, in this gem of a thread:


You will note that Jimbo is jumping out of the weeds with the ZotHammer already in post #4, and that the tone is already so hysterical in the Begathon that freepers even thinking out of the straitjacket may not last long.  If I were knarf, I’d pipe down amd hide under the nearest table.  It might help if there’s a lot of greasy food, creamcakes and cats on it.

The graphics I expected are starting to show up, with the obscenely fat baby so well-known for for being pinned on his parents tire iron is depicted issuing a zot-challenge to all disloyal members of the cult.

Actually, I think Jim – and the inner freeperium – may be infected by Toxoplasma, a catific bacterium that drives its vicitms insane and orders them into serfdom to cats.  Obviously, the need for mansions, huge food mountains, and ritual attacks on whatever catches the maniac’s attention is another aspect of the unsanitary animals mode of being.  This is going to be a very fun Begathon :).

Fat Baby:


Bonus Question:  Who owns this child?   Is a Freeper responsible for his abuse?

Norway – the Pit

I knew of course, that the Norwegian State had sunk to the level of widespread institutional corruption; the stench is demonstrated briefly in my mentions of my family for example here:


However, matters seem to be worse than I expected with Norwegian institutions operating sort of on the level of organized crime:


Also, in Arendal, there seems to be a group more or less dedicated to tackling abuses by Maurith Fagerland of NAV, among others.

Over the last few months I have noted that NAV is deploying “hatchetmen/women” to debunk and deflect any complaints against NAV, as well as to help NAV employees ride the system for personal profit.  I have written confirmation from some of these people of direct falsification of records, with the comment that “it doesn’t make any difference”.  For that, there will of course be a couple more names on my police complaint when it finally is underway.  It’s been a while coming since there’s more pressing immediate matters, but even if the mill is grinding slowly it’s not stopped :).


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